10 Healing Mantras for a Heavy Heart

Published: August 6, 2015 | By Shannon Kaiser

It can happen all of a sudden without warning, a devastating diagnosis, a loved one passing on, or a critical life altering change forced upon you, all leaving you in catastrophic shock as you do your best to maintain control and try to move forward without fear.

Recently I hit a rough patch in my own life. Within a few weeks my grandmother passed on, my close friend had brain surgery to remove a tumor, my grandfather went into the hospital and the family dog got sick. With all of the situations happening around me, I felt helpless and was humbly reminded that we are not in control.

When loss, sickness or death occur we have two choices, we can lash out and become bitter at the world, or we can turn inward and hold love. Choosing love doesn’t prevent us from feeling the loss, but it can help us feel more purpose in the pain.

I have life coaching clients that explain how hard it is to heal and move on after a death, breakup. or divorce from a loved on. They explain that they feel guilty for not letting go, as if there is some predetermined expiration date for grief. My response is always the same. Part of our heart is forever with the person we have lost. It is a broken self that must now move forward. Give yourself time to heal and know that real love is always with you.

The thing is, your soul knows the best way for you to heal. Part of removing the pain is to allow yourself to listen to the grief and move through it with attention.

I created affirmations to help get through the uncertain times. If you are struggling with a heavy heart, these power mantras can help.

1. To heal my past, I live fully in the present.

2. Love will heal my wounds.

3. I release all blame and allow forgiveness to show me the way.

4. Recovery takes time, I allow myself to heal at my own pace.

5. Wisdom comes from healed pain.

6. Everything that happens is part of a bigger plan.

7. Love guides my entire life.

8. I turn to love instead of loss.

9. Each step I take moves me into greater love.

10. I choose to see this situation as an opportunity for growth.

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About the author

Shannon Kaiser has been labeled a "New Thought leader on the Rise," by Café Truth. She's helped thousands of people worldwide through her private life coaching practice, articles, her bestselling book, meditation albums, workshops, courses, and her award winning website http://www.playwiththeworld.com