Detoxification & Cleansing

Published: January 5, 2015 | By Better Health Publishing

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Let’s face it: we live in a toxic world. News of heavy metals and environmental toxins showing up in everything from children’s toys to babies’ umbilical cords has made headlines in recent years, and these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Municipal tap water in most cases is contaminated with heavy metals and environmental pollutants. Automobile exhaust fumes spew heavy metals and hydrocarbons out constantly into the air that we breathe. Produce that is not organic contains heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) which bio-accumulate in the body causing significant health problems. The truth is, it’s impossible to completely avoid exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins.

The 2011 nuclear crisis in Japan is yet another tragic example of the potential for life threatening pollution, this time in the form of nuclear radiation fallout, to contaminate our environments and cause widespread health repercussions.

But the news isn’t all bad. As the Age of Information progresses, we’re becoming more aware of our toxic environment and we are taking steps to lessen the toxic load on the planet and on our bodies. We are recycling more and making wiser choices in our daily lives—you’ve probably already made the switch to organic or locally grown produce, or started using household products that contain minimal amounts of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.